Albaugh Ranch - Dual purpose Shorthorn cattle - Fallon, Nevada
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Welcome to the Albaugh Ranch

Albaugh FamilyThe Albaughs' have been raising grassfed Native Purebred Shorthorn cattle since 1946.  We offer a variety of products and services including cattle for sale (both bulls and heifers), semen sales, and lamb.

The Shorthorn is a medium size breed with a truly rectangular shape, a short, broad head and wide-set eyes.  And, "yes," they have short horns.  Shorthorns are known for their early maturity, adaptability, mothering ability, reproductive performance, hardiness, good disposition, feed conversion, and longevity.  Shorthorns have the capability of maturing at an an early age and have no trouble producing carcasses that grade Prime and  Choice.

It is our belief that you will find our Shorthorn cattle to be some of the best of their breed in the country.  Our Shorthorns are docile, fleshy, easy calving animals.  All of our animals are raised and finished on grass.  No grain has ever entered their system.  The meat of our Shorthorns is both fine textured and tasty, providing for an exceptional eating experience.

We collect semen from bulls with a proven track record.  All are capable of reproducing progeny with similar characteristics.  

We hope you enjoy your visit to our corner of the world.

He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the service of man, that he may bring forth food from the earth.   Psalm. 104:14